Our Love Story

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning a little about us and "Our Love Story" with breeding golden retrievers and golden doodles. 

It all began when our children were small and we lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Near our home was a place called Bellvue Berry Farm. A place where you could go and pick your own raspberries and fruits. On one of our berry picking visits, to our kids delight we came across a beautiful golden retriever. He was sprawled out and enjoying the beautiful fall day. Our three young children were instantly drawn to him. His calming presence and relaxed easy going nature was very welcoming. They forgot all about the farm, the play area and the delicious score of berries. The highlight of our trip and forever after was the golden retriever. 

It was the most memorable day of our children's lives when we brought home Ginger. She was a beautiful happy puppy with an incredibly healthy pedigree from central California. She was suppose to go live on a oil rig and be a companion to the workers. For some divine reason the reservation fell through and she became ours. We feel so grateful and blessed to have her be a loving part of our family. 

Our family absolutely loves animals! Our children have spent many summers raising 4H lambs, we have raised chickens, ducks, rabbits, lizards and fish. We love having pets of all kinds! However, one summer we decided instead of raising sheep we would as a family raise F1 goldendoodle puppies instead. Together we researched and found the most perfect poodle that was health tested and had a lovely temperament like our golden retriever, Ginger. When we had our first litter of golden doodles, we loved every second of it!! It was such a fun job and the puppies were amazing!! Ever since then, puppies have become our LOVE. We put our whole hearts and souls into each pup. They are so loved and adored from the minute they are born. 

Our pups begin their life in our home. Their first few weeks they are nurtured in a quiet warm central room in our home. We give them constant love from the minute they are born.  Beginning around 4-5 weeks our pups are introduced to a more playful environment with toys and developmental obstacles that they can explore. Around 6-8 weeks our pups LOVE to romp and play in the backyard. They love to be outside playing and interacting with children, other animals and each other. Our puppies develop a zest for learning and pleasing. They are affectionate, loyal, playful, and very friendly. They love people and come running when they are called. At 8 weeks they will know their first basic commands..
Our reputation speaks clearly about our breeding methods, the level of care we provide and, most importantly, the great love we have for these wonderfully sensitive and intelligent dogs. We are not a puppy mill or a KENNEL. Our dogs are a loving part of our family. They love to play, swim, hike and explore the great outdoors right alongside of us. 

Our Pups are Hand Raised in Our Loving Home surrounded by Children Family and Friends