Bella's Stats:

Parents: Sherwood's Don't Preach to the Choir CGC & Ginger Spice the Harris Hound

Size: 53 lbs & 20 1/2" tall

Health Testing:
OFA Hips Prelims- Good
OFA Elbows Prelims- Normal

OFA Heart- Normal
OFA EYES CERF clear/normal

Princess Arabella aka Bella is a sweetheart. She loves her golden retriever sisters and adores our family. We have had so much fun raising her and watching her grow into such a beautiful companion. She loves car rides and will fly into the car the minute you give her the green light. She has a silky soft coat, dark pigmented eyes, nose and muzzle and a very slender athletic build much like her mother Ginger. She is very agile and fast and can out race any of our dogs. She loves to be active and is happiest when we are hiking, boating, canoeing or going on walks. She loves people and other animals and will seek belly rubs any chance she gets. We love our Bella. She adds so much fun and happiness to our day. And like her mother and father she is the best dog ever!!!!